Popular Questions

What kind of cryptocurrencies do you mine?

We are supporting the following coins: Monero, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Zcoin. However additional coins could be added upon the request.

How can I pay for mining power?

Our service currently supports payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Bank Wire.

I have purchased some hashpower. When will I receive my first payout?

Payments will be made daily. The first payment will be credited to your account within 24 hours after you pay for the contract.

Are there any registration or maintenance fees?

Registration is free and maintenance fees are listed on pricing page.

Is there any minimum withdrawal amount?

Minimum withdrawal amount is equivalent to $10 in contract currency.

I need to review my transaction history. What should I do?

You can see all the information about all your payments in the "Billing" tab. Also in this section, you may download all the necessary documents that may be required.

What is MH/s?

MH/s (megahash per second) - this abbreviation represents computing power of your account and has direct influence on your mining results.

What is proof-of-work?

Proof of work is a protocol with the main objective of deterring cyber-attacks. In order for a miner to have a block accepted by the network, it must complete a proof-of-work.

What is cryptocurrency's legal status?

Cryptocurrency is legal in the U.S., though other countries like Russia and Argentina have restrictions on foreign currencies. The United States Treasury Department has issued non-binding guidance on how it perceives certain cryptocurrency activities. FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) does not consider cryptocurrency “money transmitters,” as it relates to money laundering and terrorist financing.

How does Fotonhash economize on energy consumption?

Crypto mining computers require significant energy. Fotonhash has established facilities where energy costs are low. We also partner with renewable energy companies to conserve energy and lower costs. Our data centers are in geographic locations where the innovative use of ambient cooling technologies further reduce costs for our mining operations.

Is cryptocurrency taxed?

Different jurisdictions have different regulations regarding payrolls, income, sales, capital gains and other aspects involving cryptocurrency. Investors are responsible for reporting and dealing with taxes in their local jurisdiction.

What type of mining equipment can Fotonhash operate?

Fotonhash partners with the most well-known brands including Bitmain, AvalonMiner, DragonMint, PandaMiner, Innosilicon, GPU rigs, and more. Our facilities are built with the power and resources to handle almost any mining equipment.

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